Create a tickets

Let's look at an example of how to create tickets using a public collection as an example:

  1. Go to the application page

  2. Click on the "Mint tickets" drop-down list and select "Public collection".

  3. Upload an image, animation or video for your tickets.

  4. Connect the wallet and select the name of the organiser if nrequired.

  5. Create an event or select it from the list of previously created events.

  6. Create levels for tickets (e.g., Basic, Advanced, VIP) or select them from previously created levels.

  7. Enter a name and description for the tickets and add ticket properties if required.

  8. Enter the number of tickets to be issued.

  9. Click on the "Mint tickets" button and sign the transaction through your wallet.

  10. Check the transaction status in the blockchain explorer. Refresh the explorer page if required.

  11. Navigate back to the MyShCh application and press the "Continue" button. You can create the following ticket collections if required, up to 100 pieces at a time.

  12. Go to the 'My NFTs' tab in the top right hand corner to check your issued tickets.

Do you prefer video?

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